Purpose: The purpose of this project is to practice the skills needed to connect with an unfamiliar audience.

Overview: Develop a 5- to 7-minute speech on a topic that is unfamiliar to the majority of your audience. Because you deliver this speech in your Toastmasters club, you are familiar with the audience members’ preferences and personalities. Selecting a topic that is new or unfamiliar to your club members will allow you to practice adapting as you present. As you speak, monitor the audience’s reaction to your topic and adapt as necessary to maintain engagement.

  • List your expectations of how the audience will be affected by your message.
  • Share your desired outcomes with your audience during the introduction of your speech.
  • Explain your intention and the reason your speech is worth the investment of their time and attention.
  • Define how they will benefit from the information in your speech.

1. Introduction: The Incident

Video: Start while the introduction is being given.

Hook: Brief introduction to the day of the accident. 11 days ago, I woke up planning to go to Powderhorn… Despite the uneasy feeling, I chose to go snowboarding.

Transition to Personal Reflection:

Another warning: 28.8 MPH when I fell. > Slid for 46 seconds… Not where I got really hurt.

Thinking while sliding > Worrying on lift > Praying > Hearing that still, small voice. > “Last run of the day.

West End Lift: Waited at lift for a while… 15 minutes, thoughts…

Have you ever made a decision you couldn’t turn back from? > SKI PATROLL in front > Stepped off lift, snap.

Initial Reflection: After the video, share your immediate thoughts post-accident, especially focusing on your realization that you had a warning you didn’t heed.

2. Connecting with the Audience: Ignored Intuitions

Shared Experience of Ignoring Warnings: You’ve had a feeling or sign that something isn’t right but you proceeded anyway. Bad relationships, driving somewhere before an accident, etc.

Consequences and Reflections: Share how the aftermath of the accident led you to reflect on the importance of listening to those internal warnings, be they gut feelings, physical signs, or even spiritual nudges.

3. Engagement: Encouraging Personal Reflection

Prompt Audience Participation: Think of a time when they had a premonition or warning that you ignored and reflect on the outcome.

4. Universal Lessons: Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen to Intuition: Being attuned to and valuing our intuition or spiritual nudges is a form of guidance to avoid potential harm. Do you listen when God tries to speak to you?

Applying the Lesson: I want to encourage you to consider how they might pay more attention to your intuition in your daily life.

5. Conclusion: A Call to Introspection and Growth

Personal Growth from the Incident: Feeling bad when Christians said “God told me” or “I heard God say”. I realized_____.

Inspire Action: I’d like to encourage you to be more aware of your gut feelings. They might be from God.

6. Closing Thought: A Reflective Invitation

Reflective Invitation: End with an invitation for your audience to reflect on how tuning into their intuition can improve their lives, suggesting that sometimes, the most profound guidance comes from within and above.