Bart Nollenberger is a driven and passionate motivational speaker, sales trainer, and executive coach with extensive experience in the auto industry. He’s a John Maxwell Executive Director, -AND- He’s a master of maximizing growth potential!

  • Introduction and Background:
    • “Bart, can you tell us a bit about your journey in the world of motivational speaking and leadership coaching?”
    • “How has your own leadership style evolved over the years?”
  • Leadership Boot Camps:
    • “You offer a 12-week leadership boot camp. Can you give us an overview of what participants can expect from this program?”
    • “How do you tailor your boot camp to address the diverse needs of participants with varying leadership experiences?”
    • “Could you share a success story of a past participant who transformed their leadership style through your boot camp?”
  • John Maxwell’s Influence:
    • “As a John Maxwell Executive Director, how do you incorporate Maxwell’s teachings into your own programs?”
    • “What is one key lesson from John Maxwell that you find most impactful for emerging leaders?”
  • Leadership in the Auto Industry:
    • “With your extensive experience in the auto industry, what unique leadership challenges do you see in this sector?”
    • “How do you think the skills you teach in your boot camps can specifically benefit professionals in the automotive industry?”
  • Personal Growth and Motivation:
    • “You’ve studied under renowned coaches like Tony Robbins and Les Brown. How have these experiences shaped your approach to coaching?”
    • “What is your advice to individuals who struggle to find their passion or purpose in their career and life?”
  • Practical Leadership Skills:
    • “Can you share some practical tips for our viewers who are aspiring to improve their leadership skills?”
    • “How do you emphasize the development of soft skills like communication and empathy in your training?”
  • Overcoming Challenges:
    • “Leadership often involves facing challenges. Can you discuss how you help leaders prepare for and overcome obstacles?”
    • “What’s your approach to handling failure or setbacks, both personally and as a leader?”
  • Future Aspirations:
    • “Looking forward, what new goals or projects are you excited about in your career?”
    • “How do you plan to evolve your leadership boot camps to meet the changing needs of future leaders?”
  • Advice for the Audience:
    • “What would be your key piece of advice for our viewers, especially those in the 25-48 age group, who are aspiring to climb the leadership ladder?”
    • “How can someone start making positive changes today to become a better leader tomorrow?”
  • Closing Thoughts:
    • “Finally, Bart, how can people learn more about your programs and get involved with your leadership training?”