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You Need a Personal Brand Manager

My name is M. Curtis McCoy. I lead a small, dedicated team of specialists delivering seamless, integrated personal branding solutions. Forget the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors; as your single point of contact, I ensure a cohesive & memorable brand experience tailored specifically to you.

We cover everything from strategic brand positioning & professional videography to social media management & world-class web design. Whether it’s enhancing your online presence with professional copywriting & SEO, or broadening your visibility with impactful offline branding like magazines, billboards, vehicle wraps & merchandise, our services are customized to meet your specific needs.

Don’t wait—call or text today to start crafting a branding strategy that makes you unforgettable.

Comprehensive Personal Branding Services

We build & elevate personal brands for leaders, speakers, coaches, & top achievers, tailored to meet your specific goals. Our work sharpens your presence, commands attention, & positions you as the undeniable authority in your industry.

Social Media Management

Elevate Your Influence Effortlessly: As your social media managers, we post your expertly crafted video content daily. Our process involves in-depth hashtag research & writing relevant descriptions that speak to your audience & amplify your message.

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Develop & Manage Your Online Presence

Manage your social media profiles to connect with your target audience.

Networking & Community Building

Use social media to identify & engage with key influencers, industry peers, & potential collaborators, thereby building a supportive & interactive community around your brand.

Reputation Monitoring & Management

Monitor online conversations about your brand & address feedback, criticism, or misinformation promptly & professionally to maintain a positive brand image.

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Plan & execute targeted advertising campaigns to reach specific audience segments, enhancing brand visibility & engagement.

Consultation & Strategy Planning

Provide expert advice on personal branding strategies, helping you navigate the complex social media landscape effectively.

Peer Engagement

We actively engage with influential figures in your sphere. We ensure your brand’s presence is recognized & respected through thoughtful interaction on posts aligned with your target audience.

Strategic Collaborations

We partner with other industry influencers to amplify your reach. We craft & share collaboration posts featuring these leaders, fostering a sense of community & mutual growth.

Follower Growth

We expand your influence strategically by following relevant leaders & potential clients. We increase your visibility & actively grow your follower base. We streamline your network by unfollowing & keeping your engagements meaningful & focused.

Cutting Edge Websites & eCommerce Solutions

Let us help you create a visually stunning online presence that is strategically engineered to drive growth & achieve measurable results.

Bart Nollenberger website designed by M. Curtis McCoy
  • Custom Website Design

    We'll build a custom website that prioritizes user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) & embeds strategic calls to action to guide visitors toward your desired outcomes. We build your website to captivate, engage, & convert, setting the stage for unparalleled online success.

  • E-commerce Integration

    Our seamless e-commerce integration transforms your digital platform into a dynamic sales engine. Whether you offer products, services, books, or consultations, our solutions are tailored to streamline the shopping experience. By minimizing the distance between decision & purchase, we ensure your customers enjoy a frictionless journey from browsing to buying, enhancing satisfaction & boosting your bottom line.

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization

    Unleash the full potential of your website with our expert on-page SEO strategies. From meticulously researched keywords to optimized meta tags & high-quality content creation, we enhance your site’s visibility & searchability. Our approach ensures that your website attracts the right audience & holds their attention, driving organic traffic & elevating your search engine rankings.

  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

    We build your online authority through strategic link-building, copywriting, guest posts, & amplifying your web presence. Enhancing your digital footprint boosts your site’s credibility & rank, drawing in a wider audience & establishing you as a leader in your niche.

  • Transparent Analytics & Reporting

    Gain direct insight into your personal brand's growth & the impact of your strategies. Our analytics offer real-time, actionable data to refine & enhance your decision-making while showing that we provide results!

    Social Media Analytics: We give you complete access to your analytics to analyze engagement, follower metrics, & content performance. We tailor our approach based on clear, concise feedback on what works.

    Google Analytics: Understand your website's traffic patterns, user behavior, & conversion data. We use these insights to improve user experience, optimize SEO, & increase conversions.

    Achievement Notifications: We can send screenshots & text messages with highlights if you'd like, so you can see achievements without learning how to read analytics from multiple platforms. Our streamlined reporting cuts through the noise, providing the essential information you need.

Brand Strategy

Deep-Dive Research

We start by conducting in-depth research about you & creating a detailed profile of your ideal customer. We then uncover your unique appeal & create content that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Content Strategy

We write hundreds of questions & viral video hooks specific to each client to show your expertise! These questions are placed on a teleprompter below the main video camera, so you don't have to figure out what to talk about!

Online teleprompter for professional videography

Offline Branding

By integrating offline branding elements into your overall marketing strategy, we ensure a cohesive & comprehensive brand experience, reinforce your presence online & offline, & solidify your status in the marketplace. *Additional costs may apply.

Billboard Placements

Command attention with a premier placement on the iconic 96' x 96' Times Square, New York billboard.  This strategic visibility in one of the world's most prestigious locations significantly elevates your personal brand. *Available if you're featured on the cover of News Wire Magazine.

Amazon Fire TV

Elevate your personal brand with an interview on Amazon Fire TV, reaching a vast audience in a format they can't overlook.

Clothing & Merch

Enhance brand recognition with custom-designed merchandise. Expanding your visibility beyond digital, our range from automotive vinyl wraps to everyday items like pens, shirts, & coffee mugs turns your brand into a lifestyle, ensuring you remain top of mind.

Professional Videography

Engaging Content Creation: We leverage our state-of-the-art multi-camera video production studio in Grand Junction, Colorado, to transform your insights into compelling videos that command attention & engagement in your industry.

Video Production: After videoing you in the studio, using 3-5 professional video cameras, your footage is edited into hundreds of clips using the same editing software used in many Netflix movies. Expect nothing less than cinematic color grading & crystal-clear audio, free from distractions, ensuring your presence is as impactful as it is polished.

Professional Videographer for personal branding

Comprehensive Personal Branding Solutions

Let’s Talk!

Your Personal Brand Manager

Choosing M. Curtis McCoy means partnering with a seasoned expert committed to meeting & exceeding your branding expectations. Let’s build your legacy together!

Video Production

My videography & editing skills, combined with state-of-the-art software & professional equipment, bring your personal brand's story to life, ensuring each frame captivates & engages your audience.

Web Design

Our world-class web designer & server admin has been on staff since 2006. He's incredibly quick & efficient, ensuring your online presence is innovative & reliable. We handle many maintenance tasks while you sleep, so your site is online when your target audience is.


Pioneering Web Design Since 1995: Our extensive experience in web design, since 1995, means your brand benefits from decades of evolving expertise & visionary creativity.

Social Media

We work alongside a team of social media experts to craft strategies that amplify your voice, engage your audience, & grow your digital footprint.


Our track record includes developing e-commerce platforms that attract over 250,000 visitors monthly, demonstrating our ability to drive significant online traffic & conversion.


As the brand manager chosen by top motivational speakers & entrepreneurs, we have a proven history of elevating profiles & achieving measurable success.