I’ve built multiple successful companies, but in the early years, I wrongly thought I had to be an expert in every part of each business.

In the past, this cost me not only my free time, but I had trouble scaling each business when I ran out of hours in the day.

Yesterday, I published a podcast interview on the Success, Motivation & Inspiration podcast where I got a chance to interview Adam Kipnes from the Forbes Magazine – Coaches Council.

Adam is famous for teaching business owners to create an additional $30,000 – $50,000 per month in new business.

I learned a lot in our interview but I’d like to leave you with this: I’ll paraphrase what Adam asked our audience,

“Does what I’m about to do, need to be done by me? There are lots of things that can be done by a partner, an employee, an outsourced service, or someone who can do the task quicker & easier than you can with better results. We can’t be the expert at everything! Learn to delegate!”

I’d like you to ask yourself the same question & see if it helps you to be more productive and enjoy life a little more!