Jay Realubit – Partnership with Grant Cardone – 10X Business Advisor Franchisee – Founder of REAL Talent Acquisition Group – Author of “How to Start a Business and Grow It”

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Serving in the U.S. Navy to entrepreneur and author?
  • What motivated you to transition?

Building Successful Businesses

  • Initial challenges when starting Real Talent Acquisition Group?
  • How do you identify and decide to pursue potential business opportunities?

Role of Mentorship

  • How has mentorship influenced your business journey?
  • How has mentorship impacted your approach to business?

Insights from “How to Start a Business and Grow It”

  • Incredible book for aspiring entrepreneurs. Share a key insight or principle that is crucial for business success.
  • How does your book address the mindset needed for entrepreneurs to thrive?

Achievements and Recognitions

  • Which award is most significant to you as a business advisor, and why?
  • You were the first 10X Business Advisor franchise partner with Grant Cardone! How has this partnership influenced your business philosophy?

Overcoming Challenges

  • Specific strategy you’ve found effective in overcoming challenges?
  • Failure or setback that led to greater success down the line?

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • For viewers starting their own business, what immediate steps should they take to set themselves up for success?
  • How important is it for new entrepreneurs to seek mentorship, and how can they find the right mentor?

Future Aspirations

  • You’ve mentioned your goal to evolve your businesses into an eight-figure empire. What key moves are you planning to make to achieve this?
  • Beyond financial success, what legacy do you hope to leave for the entrepreneurial community?

Viewer Engagement

  • For viewers interested in learning more from you or seeking your advice, what resources or programs do you currently offer?
  • How can viewers connect with you for mentorship?

Closing Thoughts

  • Final advice for our viewers?
  • Motto or principle that you live by?