Friends with Josh Tapp since 2018? Guest on his podcast in 2020. The Lucky Titan Podcast 600k monthly listeners. High-level Masterminds with influential leaders. Master of connecting companies & leaders.

The Lucky Titan Podcast

  • Origins.
  • Growth strategies.
  • Impact on business ventures.

Sold Podcast Production Agency

  • Building and scaling.
  • Decision and process of sale.


  • Structure and appeal.
  • Monetization through referral marketing.
  • Participant success stories.

Capital Raising

  • Strategies for raising half a billion dollars.
  • Challenges and solutions.

Matchmaking Companies

  • Transition and evolution.
  • Revenue generation and future plans.

Social Media Strategy

  • Use of “Lucky Titan” and “Pantheon FM” handles.
  • Engagement and content strategy.

Business Philosophy

  • Core beliefs and principles.
  • Influence on ventures and strategies.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • Lessons learned.
  • Strategies for resilience and innovation.

Future Directions

  • Upcoming projects.
  • Long-term goals.

Interview Topics

  1. Lucky Titan Podcast: Origins, growth strategies.
  2. Agency Sale: Decision, process.
  3. Masterminds: Structure, monetization.
  4. Capital Raising: Strategies, challenges.
  5. Matchmaking Companies: Evolution, revenue strategies.
  6. Social Media: Strategy, impact.
  7. Business Philosophy: Core principles.
  8. Advice: Lessons for entrepreneurs.
  9. Future Directions: Projects, goals.