Intro: Outstanding professional speakers can be found serving as event hosts, leading educational or training seminars, or delivering a keynote address. We don’t think about it often, but your favorite Instagram IGTV influencer or YouTube star is also a professional speaker! Join me this morning as M. Curtis McCoy share how Toastmasters can help you become a professional speaker!

Outstanding professional speakers can serve as event hosts, lead educational or training seminars, or deliver a keynote address. We don’t think about it often, but your favorite social media influencer or YouTube star is also a professional speaker! Join me this morning as M. Curtis McCoy shares how Toastmasters can help you become a professional speaker!


Have you ever wanted to be a professional speaker? Have you thought about it? 

You’ve all heard me speak here in Toastmasters. Most of you know I survived brain cancer. You’ve watched me read entire speeches word-for-word from my phone, laptop, or projector. You’ve seen me completely forget what my speech was about. You’ve heard my incredible ability to stuff a speech with filler words.

Is it even possible for someone who isn’t a professional speaker to become (pause) a professional speaker?

Great public speakers have a style of delivering a message that engages their audience from their opening comments to their closing statement. They are highly poised and confident. Can you become poised and confident?

Picture This: You’re invited to speak at Caesar’s Palace, at a conference that is packed with wealthy executives. As an example: one of these salaried executives earns 27.765 MILLION dollars per year!

You’re not wealthy, but you agree to speak at this event. You book a budget hotel room & rent the cheapest possible economy car before learning the event host has booked you a suite.

You get another call from the event host asking if you had rented a car. (Of course, you have!) You’ve been planning every detail of this trip since you received the invite! The host suggests that you cancel the rental because they have transportation covered.

You jump on a plane & fly to Vegas, practicing your speech for the entire flight. You step off the plane & head towards baggage claim when you see a silver-haired gentleman in a tuxedo. He’s holding a sign with your name on it! He rushes to grab your luggage & escorts you to a black stretch limousine. He won’t let you open the door for yourself & asks what flavor of champagne you prefer. (If you’re like me, you have no clue, but there are lots of choices).

You arrive at the hotel, and the bellhop escorts to your suite with multiple bedrooms, a fantastic living room & a jacuzzi in the master bathroom! This place is awesome!

Although he could be your grandpa, your driver calls you sir (or ma’am if you’re a woman) & refuses to let you open your own door.

Although I wasn’t paid to speak at this event, it was an experience that opened my eyes to the incredible life you can lead by becoming a professional speaker!

Each of you in this group can create an extraordinary life by honing your speaking skills! 

In 2018, Tony Robbins was charging $1,000,000 (per day) to give a speech. Gary Vaynerchuk charges a speaking fee of $75,000 (and up) if you’d like him to give a speech at your event! That’s a higher hourly rate than many Americans make in an entire year!

It takes work, but honing your speaking skills can pay off in ways you may never even imagine! Toastmasters is here to help!

Is it possible for someone who isn’t a natural-born speaker to become a pro? I can tell you it is! We’ve already closed all (3) of my retail stores, and I have a show on Amazon Fire TV. By the end of this year, I’ll be writing my 5th book & speaking professionally, full-time (although I still require many notes & use more filler words than… uhhh, most of you!)

How can YOU become a professional speaker?

  1. You’ll need to create credibility & gain experience! The easiest way I found was simply going live or giving a speech on social media daily! 
  2. You’ll need to bring some level of knowledge or expertise. Don’t worry about the subject matter. There is an audience who will be interested in learning something you’re good at (no matter how niche topic). Giving daily speeches is a great way to become an expert!
  3. You’ll need a strong message! Whether you speak to inform, excite, teach, motivate, or simply entertain your audience. A message that resonates will help you connect with them.
  4. You’ll need to create a strong connection with your audience! There are many ways to accomplish this! I’m learning it’s easier to connect if I give a speech that helps the audience picture themselves in the situation I paint for them (instead of telling you about my story).
  5. You’ll need to gain confidence! How do you do that? START GIVING SPEECHES REGULARLY!

I honestly feel that each of you in this group is a more talented speaker than I am! The only reason I’m succeeding at this is that I’m investing the time to hone my skills. You can too! 

Be sure to connect with me on Instagram or Facebook if you’d like to see the 3-6 minute short speeches I give about life, leadership & business, or find my show on Amazon Fire TV. It’s called “Success, Motivation & Inspiration.”

You can do this! If a guy who literally lost the ability to communicate for a short time while fighting brain cancer can become a professional speaker, you have no excuse!

Be sure to tag me when you post your next speech on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube! I look forward to hearing it!