Meeting Date: 01/29/2019

6:45 – President Calls Meeting to Order / Announce Invocator (<1 minute)

Welcome Guests, Introductions, Club Business. Our Invocator this morning will be Don Brayton.

6:50 – President Introduces Toastmaster

“Thank you, Madam President!”

6:53 – Toastmaster Reviews Program and Explain Roles

“This morning, I’ll perform the role of Toastmaster. My main duty as Toastmaster is to act as a genial host and conduct the entire meeting. Thank you all for being here this morning! As I call your name, please stand up and explain your roles today.”

  • Invocator: Don Brayton
  • Ah-Counter / Grammarian / Word-of-the-Day: Brena Davis
  • Timer: Mary Watson
  • Speaker #1: Bill Crawford
  • Evaluator #1: Tara Brooks Grieco
  • Speaker #2: Jay Michael Ballenberger
  • Evaluator #2: Rebecca Adkins
  • General Evaluator: Tanya Baber
  • Table Topics Master: Annette Moore.
  • Joke Master / Educational Minute (<1 minute): Eric Rechel

* Pass Leadership Manual / Evaluation Form to Evaluator

7:00 – Toastmaster Introduces Speakers

“Speaker #1 today will be Bill Crawford.”

Today Bill Crawford will be presenting a report back to the club on the recent Toastmaster’s training: THE ART OF EFFECTIVE EVALUATION. This is a High Performance Leadership project that Bill presented at the Central Library on Saturday, January 19th for two hours. Bill will present some of his insights that he gained in doing this project.
TIME: 7-9 minutes
To speak clearly and effectively without the use of filler words,
To present the results to our club without the use of notes,
To facilitate a group discussion with the club members, and
Challenge the members to look at our weaknesses and make a conscious effort to improve.

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

“Speaker #2 today will be Jay Michael Ballenberger.”

Jay Ballenberger will share his love for serendipity and libraries in his Ice Breaker speech entitles “Love your Library”.

Jay’s goals are to say fewer than 5 “ahs”, avoid rambling, and to make comfortable transitions from point to point.

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

* Request Timer’s Report on speeches.

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Speaker”

7:15 – Toastmaster Introduces Evaluators

  • Evaluator #1 is Tara Brooks Grieco, who will be evaluating Bill Crawford’s speech.
  • Evaluator #2 is Rebecca Adkins, who will be evaluating Jay Michael Ballenberger’s speech.

* Request Timer’s Report on Evaluators

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Evaluator”

7:25 – Toastmaster Introduces Table Topics Master

“Our Table Topics Master today will be Annette Moore.”

* Call for Timer’s Report / Use of Word-of-the-Day

* “Please vote for Best Table Topics Speaker, and pass your ballots to our Vote Counter, Tanya Travis.”

7:35 – Toastmaster Introduces the General Evaluator (< 5 minutes)

Tanya Baber will be our General Evaluator this morning.”

7:40 – Toastmaster

* Ask for Vote Counter (Tanya Travis) to Announce Winners

* Call for Best Speaker

* Call for Best Table Topics

* Call for Best Evaluator

7:45 – President Makes Closing Remarks / Ask for Guests Comments and Meets Adjourns