Meeting Date: 04/21/2020

6:45 – President Calls Meeting to Order / Announce Invocator (<1 minute)

Welcome Guests, Introductions, Club Business. Our Invocator this morning will be Brena Davis.

6:50 – President Introduces Toastmaster

“Thank you, Madam President!”

6:53 – Toastmaster Reviews Program and Explain Roles

“This morning, I’ll perform the role of Toastmaster. My main duty as Toastmaster is to act as a genial host and conduct the entire meeting. Thank you all for being here this morning! As I call your name, please stand up and explain your roles today.”

  • Invocator: Brena Davis
  • Ah-Counter: Dan
  • Grammarian / Word-of-the-Day: Shanna
  • Timer: Annette Moore
  • Speaker #1: Marianne Delaney
  • Evaluator #1: Diana Crabtree Green
  • Speaker #2: Penny Alleman
  • Evaluator #2: Marty Skyrman
  • General Evaluator: Bryce Christianson
  • Table Topics Master: Don Brayton
  • Joke Master / Educational Minute (<1 minute): Mariah Mason
  • Vote Counter: Mary Watson

* Pass Leadership Manual / Evaluation Form to Evaluator

7:00 – Toastmaster Introduces Speakers

“Speaker #1 today will be Marianne Delaney.”


• This morning Marianne will deliver a well-organized speech
• She will speak of Lessons Learned in her experience of Leadership
• Listen for filler words and run-on sentences
• This is a 5-7 minute speech

The title of her speech is IT JUST TAKES COURAGE

Please help me welcome Marianne Delany

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

“Speaker #2 today will be Penny Alleman.”

Our next speaker is working on the Mentoring Project in Pathways.
Marty will be Penny’s evaluator. Marty, please read Penny’s Purpose Statement or objective for the speech.
Thank you, Marty!
Penny has been a member of Grand Junction Toastmaster for nine years. 
Today she is excited to share with you highlights of her mentoring experience.
Please welcome Penny Allman  

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

* Request Timer’s Report on speeches.

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Speaker”

7:15 – Toastmaster Introduces Evaluators

  • Evaluator #1 is Diana Crabtree Green, who will be evaluating Marianne Delaney’s speech.
  • Evaluator #2 is Marty Skyrman, who will be evaluating Penny Alleman’s speech.

* Request Timer’s Report on Evaluators

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Evaluator”

7:25 – Toastmaster Introduces Table Topics Master

“Our Table Topics Master today will be Don Brayton.”

* Call for Timer’s Report / Use of Word-of-the-Day

* “Please vote for Best Table Topics Speaker, and pass your ballots to our Vote Counter, Mary Watson.”

7:35 – Toastmaster Introduces the General Evaluator (< 5 minutes)

Ellissa Tillerman will be our General Evaluator this morning.”

7:40 – Toastmaster

* Ask for Vote Counter (Mary Watson) to Announce Winners

* Call for Best Speaker

* Call for Best Table Topics

* Call for Best Evaluator

7:45 – President Makes Closing Remarks / Ask for Guests Comments and Meets Adjourns