Meeting Date: 06/28/2022

6:45 – President Calls Meeting to Order / Announce Invocator (<1 minute)

Welcome Guests, Introductions, Club Business. Our Invocator this morning will be Bill Crawford.

6:50 – President Introduces Toastmaster

“Thank you, Madam President!”

6:53 – Toastmaster Reviews Program and Explain Roles

“This morning, I’ll perform the role of Toastmaster. My main duty as Toastmaster is to act as a genial host and conduct the entire meeting. Thank you all for being here this morning! As I call your name, please stand up and explain your roles today.”

  • Invocator: Bill Crawford
  • Ah-Counter / Grammarian / Word-of-the-Day: Mary
  • Timer: Brena
  • Speaker #1: Jeannie
  • Evaluator #1: Bill Crawford
  • Speaker #2: Karin
  • Evaluator #2: Bill G.
  • General Evaluator: Jake
  • Table Topics Master: Mariah.
  • Joke Master / Educational Minute (<1 minute): Bill G.

* Pass Leadership Manual / Evaluation Form to Evaluator

7:00 – Toastmaster Introduces Speakers

“Speaker #1 today will be Jeannie.”

* Include Objectives and Timing

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

“Speaker #2 today will be Karin.”

* Include Objectives and Timing

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

* Request Timer’s Report on speeches.

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Speaker”

7:15 – Toastmaster Introduces Evaluators

  • Evaluator #1 is Bill Crawford, who will be evaluating Jeannie’s speech.
  • Evaluator #2 is Bill G., who will be evaluating Karin’s speech.

* Request Timer’s Report on Evaluators

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Evaluator”

7:25 – Toastmaster Introduces Table Topics Master

“Our Table Topics Master today will be Mariah.”

* Call for Timer’s Report / Use of Word-of-the-Day

* “Please vote for Best Table Topics Speaker, and pass your ballots to our Vote Counter, Brena.”

7:35 – Toastmaster Introduces the General Evaluator (< 5 minutes)

Jake will be our General Evaluator this morning.”

7:40 – Toastmaster

* Ask for Vote Counter (Brena) to Announce Winners

* Call for Best Speaker

* Call for Best Table Topics

* Call for Best Evaluator

7:45 – President Makes Closing Remarks / Ask for Guests Comments and Meets Adjourns