Meeting Date: 12/04/2018

6:45 – President Calls Meeting to Order / Announce Invocator (<1 minute)

Welcome Guests, Introductions, Club Business

6:50 – President Introduces Toastmaster

“Thank you, Madam┬áPresident!”

6:53 – Toastmaster Reviews Program and Explain Roles

“Thank you all for being here this morning! As I call your name, please stand up and explain your roles today.”

  • Ah-Counter / Grammarian / Word-of-the-Day: Kate Fotopoulos
  • Timer: Tara Grieco
  • Speaker #1: Rebecca Adkins
  • Evaluator #1: Brogan Butler
  • Speaker #2: Don Brayton
  • Evaluator #2: Marianne Delany
  • General Evaluator: Brena Davis
  • Joke Master / Educational Minute (<1 minute): Penny Alleman
  • Table Topics Master: Tanya Travis

* Pass Leadership Manual / Evaluation Form to Evaluator

7:00 – Toastmaster Introduces Speakers

“Speaker #1 today will be Rebecca Adkins.”

Rebecca Is giving her Icebreaker speech with the title of “Connections“. Her speech will be about how growing up growing genuine relationships were a challenge but through a few ordinary life lessons, she has learned to create better connections.

Key Objectives
Delivering the Icebreaker speech

1. Demonstrate understanding Speech framework
2. Creating a speech that lasts the duration of the time

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

“Speaker #2 today will be Don Brayton.”

Title: “The Best Start for a Life of Musical Joy

Summary: we all were babies once and little did we know that an essence of musical skill was at our doorstep and would disappear over the first few years of your life. All we had to do is open the door. But that’s not something babies can do, so parents must be made aware of your opportunity and how to open the door.

* Call for Written Evaluation (2 minutes)

* Request Timer’s Report on Speeches

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Speaker”

7:15 – Toastmaster Introduces Evaluators

  • Evaluator #1 is Brogan Butler, who will be evaluating Rebecca Adkins’s speech.
  • Evaluator #2 is Marianne Delany, who will be evaluating Don Brayton’s speech.

* Request Timer’s Report on Evaluators

* “Please take a moment to vote for Best Evaluator”

7:25 – Toastmaster Introduces Table Topics Master

“Our Table Topics Master today will be Tanya Travis.”

* Call for Timer’s Report / Use of Word-of-the-Day

* “Please vote for Best Table Topics Speaker, and pass your ballots to our Vote Counter, Mary Watson.”

7:35 – Toastmaster Introduces the General Evaluator (< 5 minutes)

“Brena Davis will be our General Evaluator this morning.”

7:40 – Toastmaster

* Ask for Vote Counter (Mary Watson) to Announce Winners

* Call for Best Speaker

* Call for Best Table Topics

* Call for Best Evaluator

7:45 – President Makes Closing Remarks / Ask for Guests Comments and Meets Adjourns