Jason Holzer Podcast Interview

Jason Holzer is a coach, & speaker. He’s also the author of “Shattered By Suicide, Renewed by Resilience: How to Move Forward After Being Left Behind”. After losing his dad to suicide, Jason says he had a choice to either play the victim and look to others to feel sorry for him or decide to fight for the good life he deserves! Jason Holzer now spends his life helping others to realize their potential & achieve happiness.

First off, man… I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine.

Below are some insights from Jason Holzer. Enjoy!

Can you share one thing you loved or admired most about your dad?

His work ethic… He always did things the right way. He was an electrician which meant he had to be very detailed oriented and focused on what he was doing at his job.

How did your dad’s decision to take his own life impact you, & those who loved him?

It was devastating. He was such a good man to so many people. He was funny, caring, and involved. His loss not only hit me hard, it hit the community hard as well.

What is your advice for someone who’s down & thinking suicide may be the only way out?

There are so many people who love you. Suicide only ends the chances of life getting better, and it will get better if we learn to stack good choices on top of each other. Things like daily exercises, eating healthier, picking the right group of friends, being thankful, setting goals that serve others, etc.

For our listeners who have lost someone due to suicide, what advice can you share with them?

Continuous forgiveness is key. Every celebration is always a reminder that a loved one isn’t there so they are all bittersweet. However, forgiveness allows you to let go of the pain and negative emotions and gives you the opportunity to focus on being present and finding happiness. Your life will never be the same, but it doesn’t have to define you. You still have the choice to make your life a little better every day.

What made you decide to write your book & use this pain to help others?

I felt there was a need in our society as I kept reading about suicide rates going up. I felt like if people knew what others went through went they lost someone to suicide, they would think twice about it. Also to help others who have gone through a similar circumstance to have someone that can relate to what they may be going through.

If you could recommend one book for our audience, what would it be? (Other than yours)

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How do you push through tough times?

Staying focused on my goals, and I also believe that whatever we are going through is preparing us for our next big opportunity to inspire those around us. When I look back I see how all the dots have connected to prepare for what’s in store.

I also like to think big, which helps dissolve little things that can knock you off track

What inspires you?

My wife, 2 sons, and my family. They are my everything and I want to give them the best life possible by showing them the sky is the limit when we train our thoughts to work for us.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with a negative self-image, or feelings of worthlessness?

Watch and listen to Bob Proctor or Earl Nightingale on Youtube and use autosuggestion. Fill your environment with positive people and messages

How did you decide not to allow someone else’s actions to determine your destination?

In the Think and Grow Rich book, Napoleon Hill says I am the Master of my fate and the captain of my soul.

Also, I love the quote from Lisa Nichols… Winners never quit and quitters never win