Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration


Overcoming all odds and listening to his divine center, M. Curtis McCoy‘s life and ongoing strides can inspire hope for all who read his eloquent story. – Sandy Szabat


The short ebook “Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration” tells my personal story as an entrepreneur, a young CEO, and an inventor. By age 25, I was running many successful businesses and felt like I had life figured out. I was creating success in spite of struggles while fighting Type 1 diabetes and frequent seizures.

Then it all came crashing down when I found out I had terminal brain cancer. I lost everything. My businesses, my friends, and the ability to ride my new motorcycle. I ended up sleeping on a deflating air mattress in the front room of my parents’ cabin, 35 miles from the nearest stoplight and wondering what else could possibly go wrong.

Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration describes the journey I took from that low point to running a nationwide cellular company while meeting successful people along the way. I took some calculated risks and created my own opportunities while fighting to survive cancer and maintain my status as an entrepreneur.

This short story is a precursor to Success, Motivation & Inspiration, a book I began writing in 2016. It includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs, war heroes, investors, CEOs, public speakers, and leaders as they share their personal insights and life lessons. I hope my story as a survivor inspires not only entrepreneurs but also those struggling with health issues to continue their fight.

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