Tips For Great Video Quality

Congratulations on being approved for an interview by M. Curtis McCoy on Success, Motivation & Inspiration! Your consultation will be published on various platforms with national or even global distribution if our conversation goes well! Platforms include:

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You may have done hundreds of video interviews, but we’d like to share some tips, so your video interview looks stunning! (Low-quality videos may not be published).

Get The Best Internet Connection

Less than optimal internet connections make remote video calls look terrible. Although it’s possible with good mobile networks, video quality is typically much better when connected to a wired internet connection. So plug into the internet router with a LAN cable instead of using WiFi if possible.

If you absolutely can’t plug into the router, here are some tips for maximizing the WiFi connection. Simply unplugging your router/modem & plugging them back in a few minutes before the interview starts can prevent many problems caused by poor internet connections.

If you’re in an area with other people using the same internet connection, make sure that internet-connected video games, Netflix, & other streaming services are turned off to maximize internet bandwidth for your interview!

Don’t go too far from the router. The distance between your wireless adapter and router may have an impact on your connection speed. A popular guideline is that performance decreases by one-third of its original capacity when you double the distance between the router and client (or device). Closer is better!

Don’t Overwork Your Computer

To enhance the performance of your computer, close out any unneeded tabs, browsers, or programs.

Use A Good Camera

Your computer’s built-in webcam is typically low quality, even on high-end, expensive laptops. If possible, use an external webcam with a good lens that produces high-resolution video.

Use A High-Quality Microphone

A USB microphone will significantly improve the sound quality, making your interview more exciting & professional to watch. Try not to ever use the built-in mic from your webcam or laptop, as the sound quality will be lacking.

Test Your Equipment

Make sure your equipment is working correctly, do a test run before the interview starts. This can help to avoid any surprises or problems during the recorded discussion.

Tips To Make You Look Great On Video

Even if you’ve done hundreds of video calls, there are typically a few tweaks you can apply to your setup to make your video pop!

Let There Be Light

It’s essential to have adequate lighting. Either face a sunlit window at a slight angle or position a light slightly off to one side of your webcam. A small selfie light that clips onto your devices or a selfie light on a stand that holds a phone simultaneously can also solve your lighting problems.

Get a Little Height

Your laptop computer or smartphone camera should be positioned at eye level. You may need to jury rig a configuration, such as a stack of books on top of a desk or a short stool placed on a table if you’re standing up during the video call. You can purchase an adjustable-height stand that fits laptops, smartphones, and tablets if you don’t already have one.

Think About The Background

You want the attention to be on you rather than a cluttered background on a video call. Before the call, turn your camera on and check what’s in the scene. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your framing looks excellent.

Sitting in front of a painting, pottery, decorative floral arrangements, etc., can add character to the video. Sitting a bit farther away from the wall helps create depth of field, making you look better too!

Look Your Best

You don’t want to be overly self-conscious while on the video call, but in general, moving your face forward a little bit (sticking your chin out) will help your jaw appear tauter, giving you a more attractive appearance. Looking up slightly into the camera is also a model trick for making your eyes seem more prominent.

Focus On The Lens

One thing that makes video calls look much better is to focus on the camera rather than looking at yourself or the interviewer on the screen. Looking at the lens can be challenging to remember, but it helps! I use one trick to stick a small, bright post-it note right below the camera lens to keep my attention focused on the lense often.

Don’t Get Too Close

Our video will be resized for distribution on various platforms. We need to be able to trim the (wide) 16×9 video you’re seeing while recording into a (tall/narrow) 9×16 video with you in the center so it can be used on Instagram stories, YouTube Shorts & various mobile-friendly video platforms.

In the video feed you see, make sure we both look the same size & position on the screen. (Don’t worry. You can ask questions if you need before we start recording.)

Keep It Conversational

Feel free to ask questions or interject your thoughts or short stories if they’re relevant to the conversation! The best and most engaging interviews and videos feel like a real conversation between two people, rather than a “one-sided” video where we ask question after question, and the interviewee gives one-word responses.

And Finally – Relax And Be Yourself

This interview is intended to highlight how awesome you are and share your insights and expertise! Viewers want to see your personality and connect with the real you. So don’t worry about memorizing scripts or phrasing everything perfectly. Try to avoid too many filler words and don’t use profanity!

Our viewers are looking forward to learning from you. We’re going to have a great conversation. So let your personality shine through! Let’s have fun!


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