Let's Do This!

  • Click the button below, then click the Join Room with Camera button.
  • You may be asked to Allow “vdo.ninja” to use your camera and microphone?
  • Click the Allow button.
  • You should now see a preview of yourself.
  • If you’re using a mobile phone or a device that has multiple cameras, you can Select Video Source below the preview.
  • You can also Select Audio Source if you wish to use a different microphone.
  • Click the green START button below your video preview!


The easiest way to reach M. Curtis McCoy is via Facebook chat! Feel free to open Facebook & connect with the M. Curtis McCoy page, or simply click the chat button at the bottom right side of this page to start your chat with Curtis!


If you’re active on Instagram, simply follow @MCurtisMcCoy & send a DM or start a video call from within the app!

Don’t Let Your Router Mess It Up

Simply unplugging your router/modem & plugging them back in a few minutes before the interview starts can prevent a lot of problems that are caused by poor internet connections. If you’re able to plug your computer into a LAN connection instead of WiFi, that’s even better!

If you’re in an area with other people using the same internet connection, make sure that internet-connected video games, Netflix & other streaming services are turned off, in order to maximize internet bandwidth for your interview!

This is where I’ll include the questions. A summary of the guest interview and topics to discuss/research


You will be asked for a password when joining the video call. Please enter the password you were provided via Facebook chat.