M. Curtis McCoy is an American author, entrepreneur & media personality.

M. Curtis McCoy

Personal development coach. Motivational speaker. Bestselling author.

M. Curtis McCoy helps business professionals reach their full potential, and he’s a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Curtis speaks globally at conferences and events, and his talks are always well-received by audiences.

On Amazon Fire TV, M. Curtis McCoy hosts Success, Motivation & Inspiration.

Leadership & Personal Development Books

How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader

M. Curtis McCoy is the bestselling author of How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader. The book combines life lessons and interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs who share their unique insights on life, leadership, and success. M. Curtis McCoy wrote the book while battling brain cancer. It became a bestseller in nine separate categories.

News Wire

M. Curtis McCoy is also the active CEO of News Wire, a modern-day media and press release distribution firm. News Wire employs artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to syndicate press releases to newspapers, magazines, podcasts, TV news stations, and radio show hosts in 30 different niches globally.


In the early 2000s, after building a health and fitness forum with over 200k active members, M. Curtis McCoy owned a cosmetic medical LASER clinic and a pharmaceutical company that created and distributed white label injectable bio-identical research peptides.

Amazon Fire TV

In addition, he is the host of “Success Motivation Inspiration” on Amazon Fire TV.

After launching companies in medical, fashion, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing & distribution, M. Curtis McCoy now runs websites and social media groups where he encourages other entrepreneurs to achieve success in their own lives!

McCoy has written four books including “How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader”, “Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration: Success After Failure”, “Learn to Send the Right Message: Using Nonverbal Communication” and “Become An Excellent Conversationalist”.

M. Curtis McCoy

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